What domain names are there for the education and training industry? What kind of domain name is generally used for education?
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        The educational domain name suffix is a domain name suffix specially customized by the domain name industry for the education sector. This domain name suffix is generally used in schools and educational institutions. So what are the domain names with general education suffixes? Today, Juming.com will specifically introduce you to the domain name suffixes related to education!

If you choose to work in the education industry, of course the domain name must give people a professional and reliable feeling. Of course, you usually choose .com or .cn, but these domain names have been registered for a long time, and it costs a lot of money to obtain them. You can get it at a low price, but what is the best domain name for education? We still have some domain names that we can recommend to you.


.mba domain name

The MBA degree was founded by Harvard Business School (HBS) in the United States and has gradually been recognized by major business schools around the world. Related courses and degrees have been established. Therefore, if the education industry designs related education courses, using the .mba domain name can not help but appear professional and also It can highlight its characteristics, and there are currently many high-quality domain names available. edu domain names

The .edu domain name is an exclusive domain name that ICANN positioned in the education industry in the early days of the Internet. It is mainly used by educational institutions, such as universities and other institutions. It is used by educational institutions in many countries around the world, especially in the United States. Due to the open registration Early, extensive and well-known have advantages, so it is one of the good choices. .wiki domain name

When wiki has Wikipedia, Wikipedia is a place for popularizing knowledge to the public, so it is generally suitable for the educational structure of preaching, teaching and solving doubts.

.school domain name

It is a domain name with a strong school atmosphere. Although the English words are relatively long, it is highly recognizable and has wide domain coverage. It can be registered by universities, middle schools, primary schools, training institutions, individuals or enterprises.

.college domain name

The domain name has the meaning of expressing universities, societies, and colleges. Like other educational domain names, it is universally used.

        Regarding the education domain name suffix, I believe you may have only known the .edu domain name before. Now after reading this article, you all know several other domain name suffixes!