12 healthcare domains owned by Identity Digital
2022-09-01 20:21

Currently, the Internet medical industry is growing rapidly and has entered a golden period under the wave of consumption upgrading and national health. More and more medical terminals appear and begin to "seize" related domain name resources. As a leader in descriptive domain names, Identity Digital provides up to 12 exclusive domain names for the medical and health industry, providing more professional and diverse choices for medical-related institutions.

Comprehensive medical domain name

Identity Digital provides three comprehensive medical-specific domain names, including .clinic (clinic), .hospital (hospital) and .doctor (doctor). .clinic domain names are more suitable for smaller clinics or hospitals. For example, rosa.clinic, a private psychiatric and psychological clinic located in Moscow, Russia, and report.clinic, a cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Japan, etc. In addition, some institutions that provide health or medical advice also prefer .clinic domain names, such as the American fitness medical center-pacific.clinic.

The hospital domain name is more widely used. Whether it is a specialized hospital, a private hospital or a family hospital, this domain name can be used. For example, Prague Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma, USA - prague.hospital, multi-specialty hospital in India - divine.hospital, etc.

Doctor means doctor, doctor, so doctors, hospitals and medical institutions can use this domain name. For example, Maddie Hospital in France - maddie.doctor, the US physician identification number query website - about.doctor, etc.

Specialty hospital domain name

Identity Digital provides exclusive domain names for some medical specialties, including .dental (dental), .dentist (dentist), .surgery (surgery), .vision (ophthalmology), .vet (veterinary medicine), etc. For example, the dental clinic in Cincinnati, USA - kings.dental, the Pagosa dental clinic in the USA - pagosa.dentist, the Kansas Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Center - kansas.surgery, the UK Eye Gene Therapy Center - gene.vision, and the US Veterinary Hospital ——nvh.vet etc.

Health care and rehabilitation domain name

Identity Digital also provides exclusive domain names for health care and rehabilitation, including .care (care), .healthcare (healthcare) and .rehab (rehabilitation center), etc. For example, hopebridge.care is a medical institution providing home health care and nursing in the United States, allergy.healthcare is an allergy and asthma care center in Southern California, and worldsbest.rehab is an addiction treatment center.

About Identity Digital

Identity Digital is a new brand that combines Donuts, Afilias and TrueName. Identity Digital Inc. simplifies and connects the online world through domain names and related technologies, enabling people to create, market and own their true digital identities. Identity Digital has a portfolio of nearly 300 domain names, such as .Ltd, .live and .technology, and operates approximately 25 million domain names on its innovative registration service platform. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Identity Digital is a global company with approximately 300 employees. For more information, visit identity.digital.