Top 10 domain name trends in the technology industry
Release time: 2020-09-03 Article source: Industry News Number of clicks: 694 times

Simple but effective. This is the perfect extension for any tech company website. Whether you're a technology startup, a more established business in your industry, or a tech-savvy blogger, this TLD will get your website in front of you! With this short and easy-to-remember extension, your brand is sure to gain visibility.



Similar to .TECH, but less popular. According to, .TECH has more than 322,000 domain name registrations in the main domain so far, compared with 32,000 more for .TECHNOLOGY, so you may have more chances of finding what you really want available with this TLD domain name.


.AI was originally intended to be a country code domain extension for the small island of Anguilla, but has been widely adopted by the artificial intelligence world. A good reason to register .AI is that it offers more availability than other TLDs, so you'll have a better chance of finding the domain name you want. Although .AI is still an official ccTLD, anyone can register it and it is treated like any gTLD by search engines.


With over 3 million domain name registrations, .XYZ is the third most popular new gTLD. This extension became very popular after Alphabet, Google's holding company, registered the domain

.XYZ may be a great choice for your high-tech business. Many successful companies have already made this choice, such as Starship Technologies, founded by the founders of Skype.


Obviously, this extension is targeted at the web hosting community. With this identifiable and relevant TLD, hosting platforms and services will gain visibility in the market. Visitors will be able to immediately identify the brand industry associated with the domain name.


To date, .CLOUD has over 180,000 domain registrations, proving that cloud computing is the future of data storage. The .CLOUD extension is ideal for cloud hosting businesses, development startups, and software platforms. Even e-commerce giant Amazon has registered many domain names ending in .CLOUD.


The .APP extension was released in 2018 and became an instant hit. In the first 24 hours, over 150,000 .APP domain names have been registered! The .APP TLD is ideal for matching your product, and it may also help improve your SEO and help visitors find your app in Google.


Similar to .APP, .SOFTWARE may be the ideal label for the products you want to sell. Why not register your domain under both extensions?

As you can check with a quick search on Google, many software companies already have their own .SOFTWARE website. Will you be next?


This ccTLD was originally exclusive to the British Indian Ocean Territory, but is now considered a gTLD and can be registered by anyone.

Associated with input/output, .IO makes sense to those who are web savvy. And has become a good way to identify high-tech companies. The .IO extension proves to be a valuable marketing tool for showcasing your event and capturing the essence of your brand.


The .DEV domain extension was released in 2019 to provide a safe online space for developers related to the technology world. The special thing about domain names ending in .DEV is that they require an SSL certificate to load into major browsers. This is because .DEV is registered in the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list, which means that all .DEV domains will automatically enforce HTTPS-protected connections.